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A cartoon about how nothing can compare to the awesomeness of the Independence Day movie

Independence Day

Serial Killer Decor

A cartoon about Pothead Pete's encounter wtih the wolfman

Pothead Pete Encounters The Wolfman

A cartoon about a kite eating another kite

Kites Cartoon

Cartoon about the invention of the belt

The First Ever Belt Cartoon

A cartoon about a ninja lunch lady

Ninja Lunch Lady Cartoon

A cartoon about beer or weed in heaven

Marijuana In Heaven Cartoon

Cartoon of a man water skiing behind a hydroplaining car

Hydroplane Skiing

Entrepreneur Cartoon

Entrepreneur Cartoon

A Cartoon about an inflatable toumbstone

Pothead Pete’s Funny Toumbstone Cartoon

A cartoon about stoner Jesus with fishes and loaves

Stoner Jesus Fishes And Loaves Cartoon

Cartoon about wheny you love Harleys but you also love opera

Harleys And Opera Cartoon

A cartoon about a roman candle dinner

Roman Candlelight Dinner Cartoon

A cartoon about a marijuana clambake inside of a submarine

Submarine Clambake Cartoon

Cartoon about a ghost with gas

Gassy Ghost Cartoon

A cartoon about how to stop your dog from pulling ahead

Stop Your Dog From Pulling Ahead Cartoon

A cartoon on how to keep a teenage girl from sneaking out

Stop Teenager From Sneaking Out Cartoon

Unlucky Rabbit Cartoon

Unlucky Rabbit Cartoon

Jason Relaxation Cartoon

Parasailing Pirates – Cartoon

Soul Poker – Cartoon

Pancake in Waffle City

Waffle City – Cartoon

Do Not Feed Honey To Infants – Cartoon

Valentine's Day

Be My Valentine – Cartoon

Satan’s Slip ‘N Slide – Cartoon

Snowman With A Contact Buzz – Cartoon

The Art of Spooning – Cartoon

Spray On Socks, Spray On Hair – Cartoon

Killer Margaritas – Cartoon

Ghost Crabs – Cartoon


Pothead Food Truck – Cartoon

First Laser Eye Surgery – Cartoon

Camouflage Roller Coaster – Cartoon

Trump's first day

Trump takes the White House – Cartoon

Millennial Hurricane Names – Cartoon

Dutch Oven cartoon

Dutch Oven – Cartoon

Inventing The Internet – Cartoon

Pumpkin Spiced flu shots

Pumpkin Spice Flu Shots – Cartoon

Magic 8 Ball -weed

Magic 8 Ball – Cartoon

Haunted By Housekeeping – Cartoon

Batman's Bong

Bat Bong – Cartoon

Worst Tattoo #45 – Cartoon

Bigger in Texas – Cartoon

Death’s Deli – Cartoon

Stoner Jesus – Cartoon

When Robots Hotbox – Cartoon

Boba Fett in a Lemon Net – Cartoon

Displaced Anger – Cartoon

hippie hypochondriac

Hippiechondriac – Cartoon

Worst Tattoo #27

Worst tattoo #27 – Cartoon

Scorpion – Cartoon

Overpass Graffitti

Overpass Graffiti

Head Shave

Recently Deceased

Awesome Sauce

Parasite Trap

Party Monster

Zombie Poker Face

Primo Tickets

Look Away-Meatloaf Dream

Shark Week Dream – Cartoon

Beards – Cartoon